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"To our loved ones we were given a birth name, because of what we became, you can call us BLACK HISTORY."



1. Frederick McKinley Jones 1893-1961: I created the refrigerator.

2. Benjamin Banneker 1731-1806: I invented the almanac.

3. George Crum 1824-1914: I invented the potato chip.

4. Garrett A. Morgan 1877-1963: I created the gas mask/breathing device.


1. Granville T. Woods 1856-1910: 1st electrical mechanical engineer after the civil war. I also invented the telegraph communication system.

2. Lonnie Johnson 1949- I created the Super-Soaker and in 1989 I became the 1st black millionaire.

3. Mary Beatrice Davidson-Kenner 1912-2006: I invented the sanitary napkins.

4. James Edward Maceo 1931- I am a physicist the worked on the human ear for companies such as Bell.

Book Excerpt:

The Land Where I Began: (Swahili) "Nchi Ambapo MiMi Alianza." (pronounced in-chee ahmbapo meemee ahhlee-ahnza)

As I stand here today, I am here to say (as a man) I come from a distant land, far, far, away across the seas, to a place that is well known for its Heritage, its Love, its Value, and its Honor. This place is where beauty begins, with tall mountains that touch the skies, the greenest grass and the captivating wildlife. These breathtaking images are just of that because they were stolen. Just as I am, I was taken to a place that placed value on humans (Black Men & Women) for monetary gain.

No matter how hard the struggles, it could never amount to the pain of loss loved ones, even the sun does not rise & set the same. Although, I am put to the test, to be the best; I know my only chance to rest, is when I rest, and this rest shall be the best rest of them all. The reason I know this rest will be the best, it will be when our father calls. So, this body knows that one day, we will be able to take that voyage across the seas and back home to our distant Mother Land and once again, I will be able to stand as a man on my homeland and be able to say, “Nchi Ambapo MiMi Alianza” The Land Where I Began!

book excerpt

You are about to embark on a journey of Horror, Terror & Suspense. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to read a few pages of this thriller before its release date. "Ring around the Rosie. A Pocket filled with Posie, ashes to ashes, they all fall down."